The Call for Ideas

“The overwhelming response shows…how many stakeholders share our commitment to comprehensively and promptly plan the future for New York’s energy system.”
-Joint Statement by the Energy Highway Task Force

On April 11, 2012, a call went out to New York’s investor-owned utilities, private developers, investors and all other interested parties: “The time for powerful ideas” to bring the state’s electric power system into the 21st century had come.

Photo of transmission line workerThe invitation, known as a Request For Information (RFI), and now closed, resulted in 85 responses that proposed 130 ideas for upgrading and revitalizing New York’s aging energy infrastructure while simultaneously promoting clean energy supplies, job creation and economic growth.

The Energy Highway Task Force pursued an aggressive timetable giving a thorough review to each response and all of the subsequent input that came in during a two-month public comment period. The result is the Energy Highway Blueprint, announced by Governor Cuomo on October 22, 2012.